• 1Zpresso - Y3 Portable Coffee Maker

    Non-Electric Portable Coffeemaker

    No electricity required!
    A double espresso is ready with just a few pumps of the plunger.



    Within 4 min of starting, from grind to brew, you’re enjoying a shot of quality espresso, all it takes to generate the pressure needed for an amazing coffee experience.


    Don’t be left without great coffee while at the office or elsewhere, Café-standard espresso has never been easier or more accessible.

    Pulling great shots of espresso has always been the hallmark of expensive high-energy-consumption machines. The Y3 Portable Coffee Maker is hand-powered and delivers café-quality shots instantly.

    Unlike high-end machines, there is no need for professional barista skills, tamping or extraction techniques; a high-quality shot is both quick and easy, requiring only a few pumps of the plunger.

    One-Way Pressure Valve


    The portafilter equipped with a one-way pressure valve to ensure even and barista-standard extraction, no matter where you are.


    The pressure valve allows for pre-infusion of the puck prior to pulling the shot, ensuring the evenness of extraction and fullness of body.


    Start with a medium-fine grind, and adjust it based on your preferences. Ideal pressure is reached when a hissing sound is heard. Alternatively, wait for 5 seconds, and pump about 30 times to get around 50ml of espresso.

    Rinsed Thoroughly with Water


    The recommended water temperature is around 90-95°C. Place around 2/3 of water into the brewer to get around 50ml of espresso. The ratio of ground coffee (in) to espresso (out) is around 1:3


    The general internationally-recognised standard ratio for espresso is 1:3; however, this can be adjusted based on your personal preference


    The quick-dismantlable design allows you to easily detach and clean each piece without tools, properly cleaning can be done simply with running water!

    Y3 Stainless-Steel Version - ​Mad about Metal

    Weight 765±5g, simply use at home or office

    A perfect solution for an espresso lover

    Y3.3 Version - ​Outdoor Activity

    Weight 495±5g, 30% lighter than Y3 Stainless-Steel Version

    A perfect solution for your any adventure

    What different between Y3 Stainless-Steel Version and Y3.3 Version

    Interconvertible Portafilter

    Either the Y3 Stainless-Steel Version or Y3.3 Version allows for pre-infusion to pulling the shot, simply switch the two portafilters as you wish it holding the different ground coffee.


    The one-way pressure valve allows for pre-infusion of the puck prior to pulling the shot, prepare a few portafilters ready for your multi-cups, all you need is enough hot water, not even clean up right away!

    Y3 Stainless-Steel Version

    With the 304 stainless-steel portafilter, we stretched the durability of the Y3 and increased its capacity to allow for double shots of espresso

    Filter basket capacity 16-18g (depending on the bean), extracted 50-55ml of espresso


    Tamp the puck lightly to even the grounds and reduce the chances of channeling, the tamping process is not necessary

    Y3.3 Version

    With the food-grade PA66 portafilter, a common use material for kitchen tools. Comes with two filter metals, allowing water enters evenly

    Filter basket capacity 12-14g (depending on the bean), extracted 35-40ml of espresso

    Please ensure:

    The metal filter is facing the right way up. The word “TOP” should be facing upwards when placed inside the basket

    Y3 Stainless-Steel Version Portable Coffee Maker

    Y3.3 Portable Coffee Maker

  • Package Contents:
    Y3 coffee maker body, stainless-steel portafilter, aluminum alloy tamp, portafilter mount, polycarbonate beaker, dosing funnel, protective bag, drawstring bag

    Product Specifications:
    Weight: 695±5g (1.53lbs)

    Dimensions: 16.8 x 7.85 cm
    Filter basket Capacity: 16-18g (depending on the bean)
    Material: Food-grade PA66 nylon and PBT, food-grade rubber, 304 stainless steel, and aluminum alloy

    Package Contents:
    Y3.3 coffee maker body, two of PA66 portafilter, portafilter mount, polycarbonate beaker, dosing funnel, protective bag,

    Product Specifications:

    Weight: 495±5g (1.09lbs)

    Dimensions: 16 x 7.35 cm
    Filter basket Capacity: 12-14g (depending on the bean)
    Material: Food-grade PA66 nylon, food-grade rubber, 304 stainless steel

    All 1Zpresso products include a one-year limited warranty under normal usage.

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