• 1Zpresso - Y3 Portable Coffee Maker
    (Stainless-Steel Version)

    Non-Electric Portable Coffeemaker

    Don’t be left without great coffee while at the office or elsewhere.
    Within 4 min of starting, from grind to brew, you’re enjoying a shot of quality espresso.
    A few pumps are all it takes to generate the pressure needed for an amazing coffee experience.
    Café-standard espresso has never been easier or more accessible.

    Pulling great shots of espresso has always been the hallmark of expensive high-energy-consumption machines. The Y3 Portable Coffee Maker is hand-powered and delivers café-quality shots instantly.
    This stainless-steel version of the Y3 is equipped with a high-quality stainless-steel portafilter, holding finer grounds and allowing for improved extraction compared to other machines and versions, maximizing origin profiles and bean flavor.

    Unlike high-end machines, there is no need for professional barista skills, tamping or extraction techniques; a high-quality shot is both quick and easy, requiring only a few pumps of the plunger.

    The stainless-steel portafilter is equipped with a one-way pressure valve to ensure even and barista-standard extraction, no matter where you are.

    The pressure valve allows for pre-infusion of the puck prior to pulling the shot, ensuring the evenness of extraction and fullness of body.

    The quick-dismantlable design allows you to easily detach and clean each piece without tools.

    Cleaning can be done simply with running water.
    With the 304 stainless-steel portafilter, we stretched the durability of the Y3 and increased its capacity to allow for double shots of espresso.

    No electricity required: a double espresso is ready with just a few pumps of the plunger. For easier preparation, use the stylish Y3 coffee stand (purchased additionally) to increase both ease of use and personal style while pulling your shots!

    Save space while in storage or throw it in your bag with your favorite coffee beans for great espresso wherever you are, whether camping, traveling or simply not at home.

    Package Contents:
    Y3 coffee maker body, stainless-steel portafilter, aluminum alloy tamp, portafilter mount, polycarbonate beaker, drawstring bag, carry sack, instructions, and documentation.
    Product Specifications:
    Weight: 765g
    Height: 23.5 cm
    Diameter: 7 cm
    Filter basket Capacity: 16-18g (depending on the bean)
    Material: Food-grade PA66 nylon and PBT, food-grade rubber, 304 stainless steel, and aluminum alloy.
    One-Year Limited Warranty Included