• 1Zpresso - 1Z - Y3 Portable Coffee maker(Plastic Powder Container)

    Non-Electric Portable Coffeemaker

    Within a few palm pressing, the espresso can be easily extracted with lovely and beautiful crema on it by our 1Zpresso Y3 coffee maker.

    Pressing with palm together with power of the whole body, professional espresso which is comparable to the one made of espresso machine can be easily made.

    Without any electricity and heating required, it is easy to become a professional barista with our Y3 coffee maker. Just fill in the coffee powder, then, you can brew your professional coffee easily. Easier process results in an extraordinary experience. Note: Do not tamp coffe powder after powder filling.

    This Y3 coffee maker has a quick-release mechanism for easy disassembly and cleaning. It has a quick-release feature that allows you to easily detach each component and clean thoroughly running water!

    The densely packed solid coffee powder mass after brewing is the prove of perfect extraction. Bigger capacity of coffee powder container would satisfy your need of coffee every day. Easier process results in good qualify of espresso.

    Just at the right size and weight, you can easily pack it in your bag with your favorite coffee beans, bring it anywhere. Only hot water and coffee powder is needed, you can easily enjoy your concentrated taste at home, business office, or even during travel and camping.

    Best choice in the office.

    Bring your favorite coffee bean and Y3 coffee maker, and just press when you want to drink. Enjoy and share your joy of coffee tasting with friends. Having a wonderful coffee time whenever you want.

    Easily store in your drawer, become your best partner for brewing your coffee in the office.

    Package contents:

    Upper chamber kit of Y3 coffee maker, Plastic Powder Container (PPC), PPC Holder, PC Beaker, Protective Case, Portable Bag, Documentation.


    Product specification.

    Weight: 617g

    Height: 23.5cm diameter: 7cm

    Powder capacity: 13-16g (according to beans type)

    Material: Food Grade PA66/PBT, Food Grade rubber, 304 Stainless-steel


    One Year Limited Warranty

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