• 1Zpresso JX-PRO Series Manual Coffee Grinder

    Unique Newly Designed Adjustment Dial

    FINER ADJUSTMENT DIAL DESIGN – Equipped with 10 numbers/40clicks on the settings dial to get the most precise grind possible. Find the “sweet spot” when dialing in your espresso!
    DURABLE AND STABLE BURR – Internal fixing between the burr and central shaft means no more burr wobble or parts that come loose when grinding. Equipped with the highest quality 48mm stainless-steel conical burr for more efficient grinding.
    QUICK-DISSAMBLY DESIGN – Easily take apart the grinder without tools, allowing for thorough and quick cleaning, and no need for recalibration after reassembly.
    LARGER CAPACITY – Grind up to 30-35g coffee beans immediately before brewing. Perfect for a double espresso or two cups of filter coffee, ensuring that you get the freshest grounds possible to maximize flavor.
    HIGH-QUALITY BUILD – High-quality black silicone anti-slip handle makes it easier to hold and enhances stability when grinding; and the transparent polycarbonate lid allows you to see clearly the remaining beans without stopping and opening.


    The newly designed adjustment dial can be set without installing the crank handle, allowing for faster and easier grind setting.


    With 10 numbers and 40 clicks on the dial, with each number adjusting the grind by 50 microns, and each click shifting the grind by 12.5 microns, you can easily dial in your grind to that illusive sweet spot for espresso.


    Easily dismantle the body without tools, allowing for thorough cleaning without the need to re-calibrate the burr after reassembly


    The food-grade stainless-steel conical burr helps you to explore the extensive range of brewing methods.


    Secure fixing between the burr and central shaft virtually eliminates burr wobble. High quality 48mm conical burr make grinding efficient and easy for a more consistent grind.

    Take your grind from fine to coarse, whether brewing Turkish coffee, espresso, or pour over; or using the AeroPress, 1Zpresso Y3 Coffee Maker, Chemex, French press, or the Hario V60. Find the grind to match.

    Package Contents:

    1Zpresso JX-pro series grinder, cleaning brush, and instruction manual.

    Please Note:

    • Do not clean the grinder with water. The grinder should only ever be cleaned with a dry brush and blower.
    • Please read the instruction manual and grind setting reference guide before use.
    • The burr was calibrated and fixed in place by the 1Zpresso team. Disassembly of the burr may affect grind accuracy and cause damage to the grinder.

    Product Specifications:

    Weight: 780g (1.7lb)
    Dimensions: 2.5” D x 7.1" H in (18 x 6.2 cm)
    Grounds Capacity: 35g (depending on the bean type)
    Materials: Wood, polycarbonate, silicone, stainless-steel, and aluminum alloy.

    Provided with a One-Year Limited Warranty