• 1Zpresso Co. Ltd., which was founded by a group of people with science and engineering background.

    Having been dedicated to the design and production of coffee equipment since our inception in 2017, we continuously develop new products on the passion for coffee.

    We always place ourselves in the position of our users, aiming to present diversified products to meet the market demand.

  • Red Dot Design Award WINNER 2018, What else?

    1Zpresso Z-PRO Series Manual Coffee Grinder, the first time we made the speciality External Adjustment Ring, allows for the intuitive and quick to adjust to your preferred grind setting! Like you would expect from an electric grinder.

    As manufacturers of speciality coffee grinders, keep the concept of the Z-pro Grinder, although this model will no longer be sold, we are working on new products all the time.
    Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!
    Go grab your ideal manual coffee grinder NOW!

    Why you need a 1Zpresso Manual Coffee Grinder?

    Do you buy a ground coffee in supermarkets or pre-grind your coffee bean from stores?

    Your speciality coffee needs a speciality grinder!

    You should know that your premium coffee deteriorates as soon as its ground and cannot be reversed.

    There’s nothing quite like freshly grinding and brewing your coffee beans, both as an indulgent pleasure and a way to get through the day. Grind only what you need for each brew, and say no more to expired ground coffee.


    What makes us exceptional?

    Do you find manual coffee grinders are hard to disassemble for a deep clean?
    With the 1Zpresso Quick Dissamable Design, you no longer have to worry.
    The proper cleaning allows the best grinding results and the best taste in the cup. It can be disassembled and reassembled easily and thoroughly without needing tools.
    Since the steps are simple, thorough cleaning becomes possible wherever and whenever you wish. Residual grinds are no longer a problem and there need be no loss of the coffee profile, allowing for the purity of flavour each time you grind.

    What we could do better?

    Are you struggling to dial in your grind for your brewing method, or unhappy with the way your coffee shop is grinding your beans?
    Numerical Adjustment Dial
    The numerical adjustment dial allows you to set the grind instinctively and craft beverages with precision.

    Save time where you would otherwise be resetting your dial, counting your clicks and memorizing the settings for each brew.

    Buy a High-Quality Manual Grinder Just for travel?

    Tired of drinking poor quality coffee out of automated machines when not at home?
    A perfect solution for the coffee lover!
    1Zpresso is not only for travelling, enjoy fresh coffee at the office, or wherever you are, by grinding right before drinking; then easily clean and store the grinder when you are done.

    Just the right size to be packed and stored in your bag or drawer!

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    1Zpresso has been dedicated to design and offer manual coffee equipment. With a passion for coffee, we continuously develop products and always place ourselves in the position of our users, aiming to present diversified products to meet the market demand.


    We are now actively developing the international market! Are you interested in being a part of us? Are you want to build your own business?

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