• 1Zpresso Z-pro Series

    Manual Coffee Grinder

  • About 1Zpresso Z-pro Series

    1Zpresso Z-pro of hand-cracked grinders was operated by using external scale ring with patent. It is as intuitive and convenient as using electric grinder machine; the device with three bearings ensures the evenness of the grinding. The quick release with no tools structural design solves the problem of cleaning. The entire body of the device is made in metal with various options of colors, and the appearance can be changed at any time as well. The twill waist shows the characteristics of the brand. The wood manual ball is pleasant to hold and ensures comfortable operation.

    "Keeping improving "is our goal.

    We have no plan to produce Z-pro. But we do have E-pro grinder which has same concept of design as Z-pro with comprehensive performance and better for many different brewing methods. Furthermore, it equipped our latest E-burr which can save more effort while grinding.In addition, it has our latest design of the internal fixing between the burr and central axis result in a better stability when grinding and evenness of coffee powder.