• 1Zpresso Manual Coffee Grinder E series

    Double Bearing Fixed Central Shaft Equipped with Graduated Dial Adjustment Design.

    As a coffee lover, freshness of coffee powder is the key elements of making a good coffee. The coffee bean is obvious the same as you drink in the coffee shop, however the flavor is different after grinded by the shop and take home for a while. With 1Zpresso E series grinder, it is no need to worry about the cleanness of coffee grinder or even the coffee powder gets mixed up with other flavor of coffee in the shop. Drink as much as you grind, instantly enjoy the moment of freshness. No more wasting the coffee beans.

    Save effort while grinding-Specialized stainless steel heptagon conical grinding E burr.

    Never clamp the grinder between your thigh anymore. Even the person with little strength can easily operate this E grinder.
    Subvert the stereotype of manual coffee grinder that it is hard and time-consuming while grinding. 1Zpresso use heptagon conical grinding burr that is rarely be used in the market for grinder. With E burr, the operation of coffee grinding would be easy and effort saving. Let the coffee grinding no longer equate with troublesomeness. You can frequently enjoy the joy of coffee grinding.

    Quick-release structure design.

    The grinder can be disassembled and reassembled easily without any help of tools.

    Always think that the manual coffee grinder is too hard to be disassembled for thorough cleaning?

    Worry about the residual coffee flavor in the grinder may affect your taste when you want to try a different origin of coffee?

    Quick-release structure of 1Zpresso E series can satisfy your need. 1Z-E grinder can be disassembled thoroughly and reassembled easily without any help of tools. Steps are simple, it will increase your frequency of thoroughly cleaning wherever and whenever you want. It is no need to worry about the residual coffee flavor in the grinder may affect your taste anymore. You can enjoy a clean taste of coffee flavor every time you grind.

    Graduated dial adjustment design for easier adjustment of grinding degree.

    Never know the starting point to adjust the size of your coffee ground, not to mention the adjustment for coarser or finer grind. Always have to keep trying and memorize different adjustment for different grind size of coffee powder. It is time-consuming and waste of coffee beans, not to mention memorizing your adjustment for your favorite grind size after disassembly for cleaning.

    The experience of making the adjustment of the grind size will be more intuitive and efficient by using 1Z-E grinder equipped with graduated dial adjustment design. This design can be view as changing the adjustment position of traditional grinder from the bottom to the top of the grinder. You can directly and easily make the adjustment to your preferred grind size on the top of the grinder without opening the powder receiver.

    Become an electric grinder for high demand of multiple cups. The efficiency of the 1Z-E grinder can be further increased after applying an electric drill. It is no need of choosing a high torque drill. Don’t be afraid of getting an arm pain after several time of grinding. You then can share the joy of coffee tasting with friends.

    Just at the right size to be packed and stored in your bag or drawer.

    With 1Z-E grinder, it is no longer to drink the instant coffee or even the coffee made of coffee machine. You can make your own coffee in the office. 1Z-E grinder is just at the right size to be packed and stored in your drawer. You can enjoy and share the happiness of coffee tasting in the office to create a stress-free working environment.

    Want to drink the Espresso in the morning and Pour-Over coffee in the afternoon? 1Zpresso E series can satisfy your need of different type of brewing. A manual coffee grinder with excellent and more comprehensive performance.


    • Do not clean the grinder with water. The grinder can only be cleaned by dust brush and blower.
    • Please do read our instruction manual and the reference of grinding degree before operation.
    • The burr was calibrated and fixed on the grinder by 1Zpresso. Self-disassembly may affect grinding accuracy and cause damage of grinder.


    Package Contents:

    1Zpresso E series Grinder, Slip Sleeve, Dust Brush, Dust Blower, Protective Bag, Portable Bag, Instruction Manual (The electric drill is not included in the package.)


    Product specification:

    Weight: 565g

    Height: 16.5cm

    Diameter: 5cm

    Capacity of powder receiver: 20-25g (according to beans type)


    Material: 304 Stainless-steel, Aluminum Alloy, Wood.

    One Year Limited Warranty