• 1Zpresso E-PRO Series Manual Coffee Grinder

    Do you buy your coffee pre-ground from supermarkets or coffee stores?

    If so, you should know that your premium coffee deteriorates as soon as its ground and cannot be reversed.


    Your specialty coffee needs a specialty grinder!


    There’s nothing quite like freshly grinding and brewing your coffee beans, both as an indulgent pleasure and a way to get through the day.


    Grind only what you need for each brew, and say no more to expired ground coffee.

    Enjoy a latte in the morning and pour-over for the afternoon?

    Don’t be put off by the idea of getting arm pain and share fresh coffee with your friends!

    Prefer an electric grinder for high-demand use or for grinding multiple cups?

    The efficiency of the E-pro Series can be pushed further by simply using an electric drill(6.3mm). 

    And, due to the quality of the burr, there is even no need for a high torque drill.

    External Numerical Adjustment Ring


    It allows for the intuitive setting of the grind and quick to adjust to your preferred grind setting, as you would expect from an electric grinder.

    Don’t be left scratching your head trying to remember what grind setting you previously used.

    A unique heptagonal stainless-steel conical burr

    Suitable for a wide variety of brewing methods, and especially suited for pour-overs, the consistency of grind makes a clean and bright tasting cup that is difficult to achieve with other grinders.

    The low retention and quick cleaning design mean less waste of your specialty coffee beans!

    Quick Disassembly of the Body
    The E-Pro allows for easy and quick disassembly/reassembly without the need for tools

    Thorough Cleaning
    Convenient cleaning allows you to no longer have to worry about grind residue affecting the coffee flavor.

    Grind chamber capacity: 25-30 g (depending on bean type)

    More than enough for any brewing method, whether pour-over or espresso.

    • Please read the instructions carefully before use, and refer to the grind setting reference guide to help dial in your perfect grind.
    • DO NOT clean grinder with water, make sure to use the brush and blower only.
    • Due to the precision of the manufacturing process, removing the central shaft or burr from the unit might lead to damage to the grinder.

    Product Specification: 

    Weight: 650g (1.4lbs)

    Dimensions: 2" D x 6.7" H (5 x 17 cm)

    Materials: 304 stainless-steel, aluminum alloy, and wood.

    Ideal for a variety of brewing methods

    The E-pro Series uses a unique stainless-steel heptagonal conical grinding burr, making grinding easier and saving effort.

    The central shaft is fixed and supported with three bearings to ensure smoothness and consistency, providing stability while grinding.

    Package Contents:

    1Zpresso E-pro grinder, anti-slip handle, cleaning brush, cleaning blower, protective bag, carry case, and instruction manual


    Includes a One-Year Limited Warranty

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