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What's the difference between K-plus and JE-plus?

The same magnets catch cup

But different burr and adjustment


allows for much easier removal by twisting the catch cup(either clockwise or anticlockwise) than pulling it perpendicular to the body; 35-40 g capacity.


JE-Plus, Italmill DLC-coated high carbon steel burr, makes grinding efficient and ideal for Espresso!

On the other hand, the tastes are rich and complicated when you make pour-over coffee than K-plus.

K-Plus, Titanium coated stainless steel burr, an all-around grinder, ideal for a variety of brewing methods, tastes clean and bright for pour-over than JE-plus


JE-Plus, top adjustment, each click shifting the grind by 12.5 microns, easily dial in your grind to that elusive sweet spot for the espresso

K-Plus, external adjustment, allows for the intuitive setting of the grind, as you would expect from an electric grinder, each click by 22 microns

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