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What different with JX-pro and JE-plus?

Both designed with top adjustment,

different burr, catch cup and package


Equipped 10 numbers/40clicks on the dial, the pitch is the same 0.5mm as well, adjust the dial directly without installing the handle


Each click shifting the grind by 12.5 microns, easily dial in your grind to that elusive sweet spot for the espresso

BURR- if use espresso-only, go for JE-plus

JE-Plus, Italmill DLC-coated high carbon steel burr, ideal for Espresso!

JX-pro, Stainless Steel burr, taste clean and bright than JE-plus when using for pour-over coffee


JE-Plus, magnets catch cup, the grounds can then be released through the hole at the bottom, the capacity is 35-40g,

JX-pro with original catch cup, the capacity is 30-35g


JE-Plus, with carry case and JX-Pro with paper box.

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