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1Zpresso-K ,1Zpresso-E,1Zpresso-JXPRO?

Both of them are all-round manual coffee grinders,

Each has a different burr, adjustment, and advantages

K and E Series, taste clean and bright for pour-over than JX-PRO,

E Series are labor-saving than K Series,

JX-PRO Series makes grinding efficient and ideal for Espresso!


K Series, 48MM, Titanium coated stainless steel burr
E Series, 38MM, Stainless Steel burr

JX-PRO Series, 48MM, Stainless Steel burr


K Series and E-PRO, External Adjustment,
The specialty External Adjustment Ring, allows for the intuitive and quick to adjust to your preferred grind setting! Like you would expect from an electric grinder.

E, Graduated Adjustment Dial, allows for direct and easy access to your preferred grind setting without opening the grounds chamber.

JX-PRO, Top Adjustment, equipped with 10 numbers/40clicks, each click shifting the grind by 12.5 microns, easily dial in your grind to that elusive sweet spot for the espresso

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